Friday, July 13, 2012

The Retro Room

When we bought our home we noticed much of it was outdated, which we loved because we wanted to buy a home to make our own - not a newly built cookie cutter one. Besides the brown shag carpet in two rooms, one of the most prominent things that took us back 30 years was the panel board walls in one of our spare rooms. I referred to it as the "Brown Room" when mentioning where to find an item in a box.
 The wires on the floor are drilled straight through the outside of the house. Until the paneling came down we didn't know this.
 Beautiful isn't it?
 When we first started to take the paneling down, we were really hoping there was a solid wall behind it. Thankfully there was!
 Rob working on his side of the room.
 Bringing out the tools for the extra sticky areas.

 Our pile of lovely broken particle board paneling.
  My dad is an absolute saint. I am blessed to be the daughter of a handyman. He has helped to patch up and paint every single room in the house since he has the tools to do it and an eye for proper painting. I tried my hand at cutting in pantry closets and failed miserably. I digress, my dad came by and scraped the glue off then mudded the walls. In this photo, near his feet is where we had a small mold issue. The wires in the photo above connect to a useless large radio receiver. The wires were drilled directly through the house, and well, living in Florida it rains - a lot. Seriously it's hardly the Sunshine State half of the year. Anywho, water managed to seep itself in through the holes and chill behind the paneling.

 Yesterday my dad came for the last of the guest room wall bonanza. It is painted Country Beige by Olympic and while I thought it would come out darker I like it. Eventually we'll add pops of color throughout the room to pizzazz it up but for now it is lightyears better than the room we purchased.

And a quick recap:

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