Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HomeTour Part II

Welcome back for round two of the home tour. Yesterday we left off in the guest bathroom. We will make our way down the hall and into the two extra bedrooms, followed by the jungle that is our back yard.

Play Room/Bedroom 1

Once again we see the wonderful plugged in ceiling lighs and loud metal closet doors. This room has since been painted Alpine Valley blue by Olympic and currently holds everything that has not been removed from boxes (pretty much far too many office items).

Office/Bedroom 2

Ahh, this room has proven to be the most fun so far. Honestly, don't the paneled walls scream "retro"? This room has random wires leading to three separate antenna's outside. Like the other bedrooms, we have a plugged-in ceiling fan, which is noisy, and a set of metal closet doors. Along with the master bedroom, the carpeting in this room skips vacuuming to be cleaned and goes straight to raking. The room is accentuated with a lovely shuttle light switch, seen in the bottom photo where my son also make a cameo.


Looking from the office door to the dining area.
And from the dining area to the office door.


Our porch has beautiful tile work that we will definitely be keeping. The shades were definitely sun damaged and clearly falling apart. These have been taken down. In this photo you also see our first family pet, Poutine -named after the dish in Canada and equally fat.

Standing on the side with the green shades we now face the walkway to the house. There is also my son, in a diaper, making art with mashed blueberries and strawberries. To the left is Panthro -named after the Thundercat, who we swore was a boy before the first vet visit, turns out he's a she.

With our back to the backyard we have a wall.
 Backs to the wall and we have the great outdoors.
Complete with a gazebo that we will eventually tear down and one too many overgrown plants. Prior to this picture the pathway to the left was completely covered with plants.


 Oh the gazebo. While thoughts of relaxing in the hot tub sounded like a lovely idea when we bought the home we quickly realized it is definitely NOT child safe. And the entire gazebo takes up the perfect spot for a future playground for all of our babies. The gazebo was built around the hot tub, making it more difficult to sell the shell and tear everything down.
 Some remnants from the previous owners.

Back yard

 The jungle, in all honesty. All of the plants surrounding the gazebo have already been torn down. Good thing too because we found the remains of a dog hidden in the bushes. After talking to some neighbors, we come to find out that the remains were that of Baxter, the small dog once owned but the elderly man that lived in the house before us. He thought that Baxter had just run away one day. We buried Baxter back in the backyard.
 Another shot of between the porch and gazebo.

 The gazebo and crazy bushes where Baxter went to "sleep".
What is a shame is that the palm tree branch is blocking the big nasty tree that was way too big for the corner of a house. The branches were all over the roof and full of wasps.
Here is just part of and after shot where my husband cut down more than half of the branches. Now, all of the branches are gone and we are left with a nubby, ugly stump right there.

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